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Our Story

Dev. Anchor began with a simple idea - A developer's planner and organizer should be simple, personal and complete.

Simple: Keeping track of software project tasks must not be a complicated task on its own. Create a tool which handles the complexity so that you can focus on what you do best. A developer's best friend.

Personal: Dev. Anchor slides in your pocket and goes places with you. When coding or in a meeting, it's is with you every step of the way. All your data with you all the time.

Complete: It must take care of all your needs, not just one or two. Dev. Anchor records todo items, features, bugs, software cycles, notes, images, drawings, time spend and reporting for your whole team, all in one AWESOME package.

A one stop shop!

Development Workflow

At it's core, Dev. Anchor enforces great software development practices. So the code you push out, is going to be of high quality.

Quickly and easily get a status of all the features and bugs in your project.

Just wan't a todo style checklist, thats not a problem either..

Upload Freely

Use the Google Chrome extension to easily save screenshots of your web project, and seamlessly upload them to share with the rest of the team.

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Attach Everything


Save your notes, meeting minutes, ideas all in one place. No more digging through old emails. With Dev. Anchor your notes are attached to the relevant features, bugs, and todo items


With the Whiteboard feature, create free hand drawings of software architectures or use case diagrams. Or even just brainstorming with your team.


Upload and attach pictures from your iPhone or iPad instantly. The image is automatically shared with the rest of the team in your project.

Time Tracking & Reporting

Easily enter and log time for your projects.
Get a full list of your entered times with one tap.

Just a few taps and swipes and quickly send a summary or details of billable hours to your client or any team member.

Time Tracking and Reporting

With Dev. Anchor you can easily add people to your projects and they have instant free access to collaborate with you...

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